Is dieting the right way to lose weight?

I’m sure you are thinking that this is a dumb question. “Is dieting the right way to lose weight?”

Well I think it is a good question. With a lot of Americans overweight there has to be something wrong with the way a lot of us eat. Some of us eat too much, or choose poorly on foods. We don’t get enough fruits and vegetables.

A large group of Americans think the way to fix there weight issue is to cut out foods. This is a good way in theory and may people do lose weight this way. However, I would like to propose that you should keep your diet and instead observe everything you eat. Ask yourselves more questions like am I really hungry? Do I want to eat this? Am I just eating because I’m mad or upset?

This is the concept of the book Super Brain by Deepak Chopra, MD and Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD

Instead of dieting observe yourself and what you are eating and after this observation you will start making the choices that are right for you.

Happy eating!


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