Being Active

We all know that being active in life is good for us. A human being was not meant to sit on the sofa all day eating Cheetos; However awesome that may sound.

We are beings that need movement but how do you move when you are busy 24/7 with office work. The answer is simple make it a priority at the top of your list.

I find it to be easier to list out your priorities then make it into the order you have it now. I’m sure it isn’t what you thought it was. Now revise that list and make it into what it should be. Physical Activity must be in your top 5 to start to get on track with your health.

It will not be easy but what is in life that is worth having? So grab some paper and start your journey to a healthier you!


An Apple a Day

We all know the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” with fall coming and fresh apples from Michigan orchards ready for the picking this is the best time to eat apples. However, I was thinking is the above saying true. I asked our Assistant Medical Director, Dr. Christina Helms, MD this very question.

“The saying is true! Yes, apples are full of fiber which is good for your GI, also they are full of vitamins.” -Dr. Helms

Finally an answer to my question. So, apples are good, but how about flu shots? I asked Dr. Helms why should a healthy adult get their flu shot this year?

“It can prevent the flu. The flu can get you sick enough that you will have to stay home for multiple days most of that time you will be resting. Getting your flu shot can help you avoid the sickness itself.”

Thanks Dr. Helms!