We Only Get One

Its your 16th birthday, and you wake up to the sound of a car pull into the driveway. You run outside to see its your dream car you’ve wanted your entire life. After thanking your parents for the wonderful gift you ask your dad for the keys.

“Now before I give you these keys, I want you to know this is the ONLY car you can have for the rest of your life. If you take these keys, the car is yours but you will never drive anything different for as long as you live. Are you okay with that?”

If you chose yes to that question, how would you treat that car? You would take the best care of that car that was humanly possible – changing the oil every 3,000 on the dot, fueling with only the best fuel, and driving it as carefully as you could. Of course you would, its the only car you’re ever going to receive in your lifetime.

Now why wouldn’t that be the case for our bodies? It is the only vehicle we are given in this life yet so many people treat it so poorly. There are a multitude of things that people do and don’t do that make our body sluggish, over weight and overall unhealthy. The biggest culprit of the group – diet. More than 1/3 of adults in the U.S. are considered obese, and a staggering 12.5 million children and teenagers are in the same boat. We have become a lazy society who trade taste and convenience for our health and well-being.

A simple change in your every day diet can go a long way. All it takes is a conscious effort to change the horrible habits we’ve all grown accustom to. For starters, don’t skip breakfast. Without breakfast, our metabolism remains sluggish throughout the day until we eat something later. Another simple and rewarding tip is to make a home cooked meal for dinner every night. While the task seems daunting, it can be a fun and healthy way to change bad eating habits created by fast food and other restaurants.

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Lets All Feel Better

It’s easy to say “lets all feel better.” It is the how part of the equation many people have trouble with. Stress and anxiety can have some damaging effects on a person’s psyche. Yet stress and anxiety are real things that people face and cope with on a daily basis. So the real question in the end is not what we all deal with, but how to deal with it correctly.

There are lots of ways people deal with the stress and anxiety of daily life. Some good, ┬ásome not so good. We’re here to focus on one of the more positive activities you can do for your health and personal well being – exercise. Now like most people, I struggle with finding the time, and energy to exercise on a daily basis. Looking back, I can see its never been a time or an energy issue, only a motivational issue. Exercise does so much more than just change how our body looks on the outside. It causes the release of the feel good chemicals in the brain, neurotransmitters and endorphins, which leads to a better overall mood. In an article published by the Mayo Clinic, exercise has been found to increase personal confidence through the setting and reaching of goals. It also distracts people from the stress and worry of every day life, and get people out of their shell by putting them in social situation with people just like them.

At the end of the day, if your not feeling the best about yourself in any way, shape or form, exercise can be a key component in the reversal of that stress and anxiety – helping you feel better now. So quit all the excuses of why you can’t exercise and lets all feel better, together.

Here is a little motivational video to give you that little kick in the butt everyone needs: